Your Smart Support Now Comes From The Best Automation Backup

best automation backup Malaysia

When it comes to backup, what are the measures that should be taken to prevent losing, having your data stolen, or having your company’s data become corrupted?

It is common practice to undervalue the importance of creating and maintaining backup copies of business data. In recent years, technological advancements and the rise of cybercrime have placed on users not only the necessity to exercise the utmost caution while handling any data (personal or professional), but also the need to have sophisticated, dependable, and functioning backup solutions. There choosing the best automation backup Malaysia services is perfect.

The Perfect Choices You Can Make

It is critical to ensure the integrity, accessibility, and temporal continuity of business data, no matter what kind of activity is being carried out. The need to protect more or less sensitive data from being lost, damaged, stolen, or rendered inaccessible is more urgent than ever and is constantly tested, not only by the most “natural” factors (a technical failure, a theft, a natural disaster, “human error”) but also by increasingly advanced and “ruthless” viruses and malware, such as the recent case of the cryptolocker virus: a trojan that from 2013 to today has claimed an enormous number of victims among communications networks. After infecting the victim’s computer, the virus encrypts the data on the hard drive and then demands money for the decryption service provided.

The backup of business data in safety copies is thus, in the vast majority of cases, the sole means of recovering data that has been lost, destroyed, stolen, or otherwise rendered useless. So, how can we choose the most appropriate kind of backup for our current situation?

best automation backup Malaysia

The Following Are The Fundamental Considerations That Every User Should Keep In Mind While Selecting And Configuring A Backup Routine:

  • Threats should be identified.
  • You must be very clear about the dangers against which you want to defend yourself.

It is a matter of envisioning situations and ranking them according to their likelihood of occurring: Is it a hardware failure? Fire? Flood? Is it possible that a hacker is erasing your files? Is it a case of human error? (Yes, you did accidentally erase a file, didn’t you?)

It is feasible to simulate what you want to protect yourself from: go through the backup phase, picture the issue happening, then run through the reaction phase (a potential data recovery) to determine whether or not the solution is appropriate.

Is There A Need For Historicity Or Not?

What level of importance do you place on having the backup have the capacity to historicize the data so that you can access various versions of the information throughout time? It may be discouraging to discover after two days that you have accidentally deleted an essential folder containing a large number of data and are unable to restore them since the backup was updated just two hours earlier!

In the most sophisticated backup systems, this logging is done automatically in accordance with criteria that have been set up by the user in advance.

If you choose for non-specific alternatives, such as manual backup copies stored on cloud storage services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, the historicization process may be accomplished by not constantly overwriting the same files, but by establishing folders for various dates instead. As a result, if you need an “earlier” version of the same file, you will be able to get it!

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Your Smart Support Now Comes From The Best Automation Backup


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