Who Are The Fronliners For This Pandemic?

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During this pandemic, all of us are being told that it is mandatory for us to stay at home and limit ourselves from going outside if it’s unnecessary. All students and workers are being told to study and work from home, using technology like Google Meet or Zoom. however, there are some of the essential services that require the workers to work there physically. 


You might want to know who are these essential workers also known as front liners, the one that is helping us throughout this pandemic. 


Doctors and Nurses 


Doctors and nurses are our main backbone during this pandemic, they are the one that is responsible to take care of everyone that has been infected by the virus. They always put their life and their family at risk by working every day at the hospital saving lives and giving the best to everyone. You can pursue your study in “diploma pembantu perubatan” if you want to be the backbone of the country’s health. 

diploma pembantu perubatan

Hospital Staff 


A hospital will no be able to run smoothly without all of the hospital staff is there and do their duty. Unlike most people that are working from the safety and comfort of their home, some of these people still have to go to the hospital and work normally. Thanks, to them all of the hospitals are able to run smoothly and the doctors and nurses are able to do their jobs. 


Police and Military 


Policemans and the military are responsible to take care of civilian’s safety. Even when most people are staying home there are high chances that crimes will still be happening. That is why they have to stay working and make sure that there are no crimes happening. They also need to make sure that every civilian is staying home and following the rules and protocols. 


Food rider 


Without their services and helps we can no longer enjoy food from restaurants. Thanks to them, we are still able to eat food from our favorite restaurant without having to go outside. All we have to do is just ordered our food from the selected restaurant and it will be delivered straight to our home. 




While staying at home, we did a lot of online shopping to cure our boredom. We bought clothes, games, and etc. And all of our items are being delivered safely and in great condition at our home by all these postmen. All of the non-essentials shops are being closed and we are still able to buy our needed stuff online and it will arrive at our home just in a couple of days. 


Therapist and Counsellor 


This is a hard situation for everyone. We all struggle in every aspect like physically, financially, and also mentally. There is a spike in numbers in suicide and that is worrying, so therapists and counselors are responsible to help people that are in need. If we need someone to listen to any of our worries or problems, they will be there and help us. 

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