What Should Gifts To Purchase For A Newly Wed Couple?

Marriages are a connection between two partners who intend to spend their life together. But, before marriages come weddings. An event celebrated by all who care for these two people. Relatives, friends, and colleagues come from near and far to celebrate the couple with food, music, and dance. It is a ritual cherished by many cultures.


The newlywed couple is also showered with gifts of all sizes, types, and cost. People attending these weddings usually show up with gifts that would be appreciated and needed by the couple. You may be one of these wedding guests and are unsure of what to buy the new couple.


Fear not, for the items listed below are gift options you can choose from. 

serving dishes set in Malaysia

Customised Luggage Tags


Who does not love items with their names on them?. Luggage tags are perfect for couples who are planning to travel around the world for vacation. Plus, they are also essential for couples who love to move around a lot. Also, people rarely buy luggage tags, so your gift would be unique to the couple. These personalised luggage tags ensure that they can spot their bags a mile away. 




Newlywed couples are most likely going to move in together in a nice apartment, where they can have the place to themselves. So, they are going to need their serveware, especially if they are going to host dinner parties and have guests over. Check out Tupperware Brands online store for serving dishes set in Malaysia. It would be the ultimate addition to newlywed couples and their apartments. 


Kitchen Essentials


Now, in order to serve food, couples need to prepare them beforehand. They may not be able to carry this out if they lack certain kitchen essentials such as knives, spatulas, and cutting boards. So, purchase a kitchen essential set for them. Newlywed couples can cook together in their new kitchen and host dinners with their friends. 

serving dishes set in Malaysia

Boom Box (Bluetooth Speaker) 


A modern-day boom box would be a perfect gift for newlyweds. They can blast their favourite songs from their playlists on their smartphones. The couple can enjoy their music together, or they can listen to their tunes in private if they choose to. They can play their tunes while cleaning and working together, which makes the experience even more enjoyable.It would be an unforgettable gift for the couple. 


Photo Books


Before the invention of galleries on your smartphones, people used to make and keep photobooks, which are basically physical versions of galleries. Nowadays, people upload their photos on social media platforms for all to see. However, there is still a certain intimate touch in having a physical album in your hands. So, surprise the couple by printing out social media posts related to them, so that they can cherish them forever.


These are just some of the many wedding gift options you can choose from. You can either buy them the items they need or you can choose the more personal route. 

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