What are the factors that must be considered when renting a property?

Where to look for a home?

It is best to establish two things before you start looking for a property. Do you want to live alone or share a room in klang? In the beginning, most people choose to share a room with their classmates to share the rent and to look after each other. Where you’ll be living and It depends on where you will be working. If you are two people and work in different locations. Then look within the overlap of the two starting commuting ranges. Be even, so that there is less internal discomfort arising. 

Viewing times

It is generally said that you should look during the day to see the light. Actually, mornings and evenings would be better, the in-between period is not very meaningful as you are at work except for weekends. In the morning you can look at the light transmission, for example, whether it interferes with sleeping in. In the evening you can look at the lighting and whether it’s bright. You can even look at times when you should be off work to judge what you might encounter when you get back.

 Neighbourhood environment

Before the agent takes you into the house, take a few extra sweeps. This is an extension of the previous one, looking for noisy people moving around the neighbourhood in the morning and the same at night. If the neighbourhood is full of dog walkers, it is likely to be noisy for your daily rest.

The interior of the house

The situation of the other residents

Going in the morning and evening also allows you to see their morning and evening habits.

Kitchen and fridge

Determine if someone is cooking and how clean it is. For example, if pots and pans are piled up by the sink without being brushed, that will probably affect your own use of the common areas afterwards.

Washing machine and bathroom

This is all about hygiene, after all, you won’t be happy living in a house with poo hanging from the inside of the toilet from time to time.


There is one more thing to look at before looking at the contract, and that is the agent’s contract and information about the building. To see if this is a black agent or a second landlord, if the landlord signs the contract directly to them, look at the signatures and chapters on the front A and B and the back, and also the accompanying ID card and real estate certificate or real estate registration certificate. 


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