Tips To Designing Your Bedroom

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When thinking about having your own home, most of us dream about what it will look like in the future, what kind of house it will be, how your room would look and many more. It’s something to ponder about since dreaming about it alone isn’t going to get you that house. Of course, once you’ve settled your funds and are financially ready to purchase your new home, you would start to question other things. Is this house worth it? Is the location okay? Is there enough space for me? Are there conveniences that I need nearby? If you drive, is there a place to park my car? 

Setia Eco Park

Of course, those of us with loftier standards would consider other issues like living in condominiums, the facilities provided, the quality of security and so on. If you’re still unsure if you would like to explore, you can try checking out the wide range of properties in Setia Eco Park to see if your dream home is there.

Now once you’ve acquired that dream home of yours, it’s time to decide on how you’re going to design the interior. Not just the main portion but also the minor details. Here are some tips on how to design your bedroom. 


Let’s begin with the major details first. What colour do you want your bedroom to be? So there’s no correct answer for this, it’s completely up to you. However, if you’re confused and would like help, you could go with what you resonate with the most. For instance, if you’re one who prefers order and neatness, you could consider monotonous colours such as white or grey, you could also do black but try to avoid it as it tends to make the space gloomy. 

If you’re one who prefers nature, you could go with a variety of greens or blues if you prefer the ocean. If you prefer warmer colours, you could go with reds, oranges or yellows. Another thing you might want to consider is if you’d like to have pastel colours or more vibrant and bright colours.


Now, once you are done with choosing the colours of your bedroom, it’s time to move onto furniture. So for furniture, it is suggested that you match it up with the colour of your walls. Remember how I said to avoid black on your walls, well it’s different for furniture. If you’d like, you could have black furniture to match your white walls. Black bed frames, black closets, black nightstands and more. 

Now, here’s the thing with furniture, if you’re one who does not change it up often you might want to consider monotonous colours. That way, if you decide to change up the colours in your room, your furniture would always match. This means that even if you have colourful walls, it would always match if your furniture is black, white or grey. Trust me, the last thing you want is hot pink furniture with green walls… that is, unless that is your preference. To each their own, I don’t judge. 

Well, I’ll be stopping here, for now, stay tuned for more tips in part 2. 

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