The Advantages Of Bottle Feeding

The dilemma of being a mother is that no matter what you do, you cannot be right. Why is that? Without a doubt, breastfeeding a baby is the best way to go. However, you are unable to breastfeed your baby in public as it will make people feel uncomfortable, unfortunately. The solution for this is to bottle feed your baby. Albeit, it is definitely better to breastfeed your baby, there are also advantages of bottle feeding your baby.

Pigeon newborn baby bottles

Some mothers have a low supply of producing breast milk to feed their babies. At least in this day and age, there are many good baby milk powder with the necessary ingredients to feed the baby. With that, you can just make milk using the baby milk powder and feed your baby using the baby bottle.

With bottle feeding, it can be done in public, anywhere, and anytime without having to worry about people staring at you for feeding your baby in a natural manner. Although this feeding method has been done for thousands of years, somehow a lot of people seem to feel uncomfortable when looking at a mother breastfeeding her child.

Feeding a baby is much easier than ever. With the invention of the baby bottle, it is now so convenient to feed your baby, as now anyone can feed the baby. With the bottle feeding, the father is now able to feed the baby. Thus, giving the father the chance to spend time and bond with the baby. Not just that, even now family members can get the opportunity to bottle feed the baby and spend time with the baby. Bonding with the baby is important as it is vital for infant development. This will allow the growing baby to have a healthy relationship with other people as the bondings allow the baby to experience a full spectrum of emotions.

When the mother falls sick , it is best to avoid breastfeeding the baby as it can potentially spread any unwanted germs from the breast milk to the baby. With that, bottle feeding is the best solution as it will not transmit the germs from the breast milk.

Another advantage of bottle feeding a baby is that you can measure your baby’s milk intake easily. As mentioned in the earlier paragraph, some mothers do not produce enough supply of breast milk. With bottle feeding, you can ensure that your baby will consume the appropriate amount of milk so that your baby can get the nutrients it needs to grow up as a healthy baby. 

Lastly, with bottle feeding, you do not need to change your diet to breastfeed your baby. As everyone’s body is different, some need to go on a strict diet to produce enough supply of breast milk. With that, not everyone is able to do so.

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Pigeon newborn baby bottles

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