How Should A Precision Machining Factory Expand Its Business?

In the increasingly competitive environment of the machinery manufacturing industry, the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises are still struggling, in addition to those that have transformed and innovated. At the moment, the global epidemic is not overdue and factory orders and spare parts have been greatly affected.

Firstly we needed to change the traditional way of making a profit. Previously we were thirsty for a big money maker to come in with a batch of massive, high volume production orders that would quickly put the factory into production saturation. But by doing this, although it gives the factory quick access to capital, you can’t reach other customers and the orders they have in hand during the saturation period, because you don’t have the time and you can’t produce anymore. Unless you want to prop yourself up and take as many as you can get, you don’t care what happens when delivery times are too long and the customer experience is extremely poor. But most companies want to be sustainable, so we can develop some small-scale, under-volume, but relatively profitable orders for customers, relying on service indoctrination, so that customers continue to place orders to bring fixed liquidity to the business.

We thought that the traditional way of doing business would be able to gain a foothold and stability. But in fact, the traditional business channels blocked most of the outside hidden demand customers, they can’t see us, they can’t find us, and how can orders be given to us? Transformation, we must expand the Internet channel, develop the network of blue ocean, for the business to continue to bring invisible guests. Although this is not so easy to achieve, but, for the development of enterprises, as well as the progress of society, it is time to take this step.

Service measures, this is abstract to say the least, but it is also something that every business understands, yet it is also something that many businesses are missing. How to maintain our customers and make them have a good experience is closely related to a company’s corporate culture. Timely and has been able to develop for more than a decade without a corporate culture that instills ideas, innovation, combativeness and serves every customer well with a one-stop service system. It also requires service concepts and thinking that keep up with the times. For example, during the epidemic, how to use the Internet resources to integrate and expand the business completely online.

Overall, we still need a sales mindset that can keep up with the changing times so that we can give our precision machining malaysia companies strong viability and a constant source of vitality to promote their prosperous development.


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