Happy 1st Birthday My Love, Nik Muhammad Nazeem!

Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. Bila aku taip tajuk blogpost ini, tetiba jadi confuse, nak tulis hari lahir ke, hari jadi ke, ulangtahun. Sebagai guru bahasa, I chose Ulangtahun coz I find it the most correct and spon on word for birthday celebration. Tahun.. berulang.. get it? get it? *winkeyes


So, last year, 2 setengah pagi, 19 Julai 2019, maka keluarlah seketul anak lelaki kedua daripada perutku which masa dia keluar, hilang terus kesakitan yang aku rasa dari petang. Allahuakbar. What an amazing creature a woman is. Boleh keluarkan manusia untuk kelangsungan spesies manusia. Bawa dalam perut dah 9 bulan, kena tanggung sakit bersalin lagi. If only I can record the birthing process which I didn’t… I only I can post it on Instagram, which I didn’t..

Now, I can see why the moms are the ones should be celebrating on their children’s birthday. Yang paling magicalnya, birthday Nazeem jatuh tarikh yang sama pula dengan abah aku. Happy Birthday abah but make umi write a long romantic post for you okay? This is for my son. Kih3


Happy Birthday Nazeem Kusayang!

Nik Muhammad Nazeem; Nik,nama keluarga abi dia. Muhammad, yang terpuji. Nazeem, pengatur. I really hope that you grow up to be as great as your name. Berjaya mengatur hidup you, kita, you dengan your wife dengan your children and so on as best as you can supaya kita semua boleh masuk Jannah sama-sama. Sihat, kuat, disayangi, dikasihi, disegani, dan semoga semua sifat Mahmudah, ada dalam diri you.


Happy Birthday Nazeem!


You might be second to exist in my tiny uterus

You might be second to kick my stomach so hard

You might be second to get out of my body

But, you are never second in my heart! You and your big brother, both sit at the first place and nothing can change that.


Trust me, I would die for both of you, get back to life, and die again, repeat. I’ll always pray for us to be together at all times. Umi promise, I’ll hold your hands even when you shove mine down as you always do. Maybe yours are sweaty and I’m being positive now. -_-


Thank you for completing our family (even I am still looking forward to having someone I can put on ribbon on her head one day to come. Hik3) Do you know how you complete us? You see, I have your Abi to annoy, and he has me. Nazhan had no one and now he has you. And you have him. So, let us all annoy each other everyday forever. I am smiling just thinking about it. Ha. Ha. Ha.


Thank you for being a good company to Nazhan, laughing to his lame jokes so that he thinks he is funny that he repeats doing them over and over. You don’t believe me? Watch THIS VIDEO now. You really bring the best out of him. You know that? You know that? Now, you know. 🙂


Thank you for making me realise having you does not divide my love, instead it multiplies. How love can expand this big, it still makes me wonder. I thought this fragile heart is gonna explode, but it is not. It grows bigger and greater. I can’t even explain it with words! What on Earth have you made me, son? :’)


I love you sayang.. I love you more and more everyday. It is overwhelming to see how fast you grow but at the same time, I am so much excited to see how you grow and progress along the way. You are very happy baby. You love cuddles and attention. You smile and laugh a lot. I love you so much! Love love love!!! Muahhhxxx!!!


One day, we are going to be hand in hand, all our family, entering Jannah. That is our goal. Ultimate one. Let’s work on it together okay? Happy Birthday. 🙂

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Happy Birthday Sayang..