3 Medicinal Field That As Popular

I know that most people like to study family medicine in Malaysia or even studying to be a surgeon. However, there are other more popular medicinal fields. It is on this list down below. Read more down below: 


1) Mind Body Therapy

First and foremost, the mind body therapy is the second most frequently used category in complementary medicine approaches. According to the NCCIH, body mind therapy typically involves the use of specialized techniques to improve the mind’s ability to influence bodily functions and improve health.

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Hypnotherapy is a popular type of physical therapy. Also known as hypnosis, it has been found to promote weight loss, reduce back pain, and help quit smoking in several scientific studies.


A self-directed practice long used to promote calm, meditation is a body -mind therapy that shows promise as an approach to achieving healthier blood pressure and better sleep. There is also some evidence that meditation may benefit people struggling with chronic pain.


While yoga is often practiced as a form of exercise and a way to reduce stress, it is also used as a body mind therapy. Indeed, several studies show that yoga can help manage conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, migraines, and depression. Take notes regarding stuff like this. It is important and beneficial for your health. 


NCCIH notes that the popularity of yoga has increased significantly in recent years, with nearly twice as many U.S. adults practicing yoga in 2012 as in 2002. Other types of mind therapies include biofeedback, guided imagery, and music therapy.


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2) Alternative Medicine System

I know some don’t believe in this medicine system like this. However, it is still the most popular medicine system. It is listed on this list too. Many proponents of complementary and alternative medicine use therapies and healing practices from alternative medical systems, such as homeopathic medicine and naturopathic medicine.

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Alternative medicine systems also include traditional medical systems from other countries, such as Ayurveda (a type of alternative medicine originating in India) and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Inside TCM are several therapies that are commonly used in the United States today, including acupuncture, acupressure, and herbal medicine.


3) Manipulative and Body -Based Methods

These types of complementary and alternative medicine are based on the manipulation and / or movement of one or more body parts.


In some cases, manipulative and body -based methods involve participation in individual classes or sessions with the goal of changing your movement habits. For example, the Alexander Technique involves re -learning basic movements (such as standing and sitting) to reduce muscle tension, while the Feldenkrais Method involves new movement patterns to improve physical function and overall well -being.


The types of manipulative and body-based methods used in alternative and alternative medicine focus to apply specific treatments to address health problems. These methods include reflexology, osteopathy, and rolfing.


The two most popular and studied types of manipulative and body -based methods are chiropractic therapy and massage.


In Conclusion (Do No Just Study Family Medicine in Malaysia) 

Try more things rather than study family medicine in Malaysia. 


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